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  • Knowing is Half the Battle
    Next Gen Pet’s Electronic Flea Trap’s blue color LED attracts insects and traps them on a sticky trap next to the light. Use this trap to track flea and other insect activity in your home to identify infestations sooner! Continue Reading
  • Allergy Sensitivity and Snack21
    Did you know pet allergies were the reason Snack21 was founded? All of Snack21’s pet treats are made from single ingredient, wild caught fish. Treating with a single ingredient treat helps pet owners identify potential allergen triggers for their pets. Continue Reading
  • Cats Have a Mind of Their Own
    Depending on your cat, trying to make a change in litter can be anywhere from a slight adjustment to an impossible feat. While potty protests may be inconvenient, another unwanted consequence might be that your kitty holds their urine and ends up with a UTI. Cats have a mind of their own and a set of strong opinions – so what is the best way to convince your cat a change of litter is okay? Continue Reading
  • Close Quarters with My Litter Box
    Being in close quarters with my litter box has made me so grateful for the super odor control power of Green Tea and Hinoki Cypress. Continue Reading
  • Electronic LED Flea Trap looks great, but does it work?
    Have you seen our Electronic Flea Trap? If you have, my guess is your first thought was, “Looks great, but does it work?” To be honest – that was our first question when we discovered the product, too! Continue Reading